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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I'm baaack! I'm sorry for the long blogging pause. I have been very busy and I have had a lot of changes in my life.

I now have my own Yarn Shop!

For those of you who don't know me, the name of the shop is BoPeep Fiber Shop. It has kept me very busy. I didn't really plan on opening a yarn shop. It just sort of happened, so I've had to do a lot of learning as I grow type of thing. In the evenings I attend several area knit nights and Guild meetings. They are so much fun! It's great to get out meet new people and share ideas.

If you have read my past blogs you know that the kids were not very happy when I learned to knit. They thought I spent too much time knitting and tried to find ways to keep me from it. When I opened the shop it just became too much for them. So my husband and I become empty nesters Actually, they had other agendas. I am very proud to say that my step son joined the Marine Corp. That seems a little drastic don't you think, just to get away from the clicking sound of my needles? Any way he will graduate from Boot Camp next week. Knitted hats off to those who defend our county.

Believe it or not my husband, also know as the “anti knitter” (in my past blogs) encouraged me to open the shop. So any way, here I am blogging again and enjoying this new phase of my life!

By now I'm sure you are bored and want to see some pictures.

Here is a picture of an area in the shop. My husband found this furniture for the shop and it makes this a very nice area to sit and knit .

This is the poncho I am knitting with Philosophers Wool. This is great wool to work with and the colors are beautiful. I only have about twenty five more rows to knit on each piece. Then I will join it up the back and put the fringe on it.

Here are some new yarns and patterns from Norwegian Spirit. These patterns are the cutest baby and kid patterns I have ever seen. The yarn is Lanett Superwash. It is very soft and luscious. I forgot to mention it's also 100% merino wool.

This is a new sock yarn called SISU Fantasy. Also from Norweigen Spirit. Very soft and cool stripes!

Well thanks for reading and I promise I won't wait so long to blog again.
Friday, September 12, 2003
Hello again,

In my last blog posting I told you about my weekend away to the jeep trail ride with the anti-knitter. I mean my husband. After that I decided it was my turn. So I got out my Indiana Festival Guide and found a nice little festival for us to visit. It was advertised as having early crafts like spinning, sheep shearing, and broom making. Perfect! So we set out on a two-hour drive. My husband didn't eat before we left home because at most festivals there are always food vendors. But this one was different. No food in sight and for some reason the sheep decided not to show. However, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We met two ladies spinning wool into beautiful yarn on their spinning wheels. As we watched them spin we had a very nice conversation, above the growling of my husband's stomach. The ladies were dressed in old-time long skirts. He told me I could learn to spin if I would dress in old-time skirts like they were wearing. I said OK (wink wink).

Our next venture was to the new location of ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio in Columbus, IN. Matt & Rob were kind enough to have a knitting day and cookout at their place instead of our usual Franklin knit night. OK, so it was a little scary the anti-knitter in a knit shop. But all in all we had a good time and good food. I didn't even have to sprinkle him with Holy water. The new ThreadBear shop is beautiful and it is filled with lots and lots of beautiful patterns and yarns that are irresistible.

When I first learned to knit I wasn't interested in knitting socks. But now that I have seen all of the nice socks that others have knitted I changed my mind. I have decided to start with a pair of Fuzzy Feet. Which I did start and #&#$#&#! I am already stuck. Help! Help! Matt or Rob.

Hot off the needles;

The scarf was a very fast easy project, my husband thinks it's a feather boa. The purple purse will be nice to carry in the fall. I knitted the clogs for my husband. He chose the colors. Although he is retired from the Navy he still refuses to give up the camouflage colors. He says he is not just retired Navy he is Old Navy.
Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Hi everyone,

Happy days are here again the kids are back in school. So what if I changed a few words to the song. It's my song for now. It has been a bit crazy around here, lots of papers to sign and trips to the mall.

But soon we will get back into the routine and things will calm down. Then I hope to have a little more time to knit. But shhhh, don't tell my husband.

My husband's latest attempt to keep me away from my knitting needles was a weekend getaway. But it was not what you're thinking, The trip did not include flowers or even a candle lit romantic dinner for two. It was a weekend of Jeep trail rides with about 200 other Jeep and 4wheel drive owners. We joined the Four Wheels to Freedom So expecting to be totally bored I loaded up my Jeep with several knitting projects and away we went. Since I had never done this before I wanted to go on the easiest trail possible. So when the time came to choose a trail and get in line I (being sarcastic) ask to drive on the paved trail. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well. They just looked at me and laughed like I was crazy. But, did they ever get even with me. The very first hill we came to it took me about 5 tries to get up the hill. So immediately I decided to whimp out. I let my stepson drive and closed my eyes in the rough spots. After that I spent the rest of the day in the next county doing some genealogy research. However, I must admit the Jeep ride really wasn't all that bad. The people were all very nice and the dinner we were served was very good.

Well onto the dogs, they are still snatching my yarn. Last week one day I found Ava lying on the floor with guilt written all over her face and a strand of yarn trailing from her mouth. I then pried open her mouth and inside was a small ball of Lorna's Laces. You know, the good stuff, 50% silk and 50% wool. What can I say other than I guess she has developed a taste for fine yarns.

Even with all of this going on I did manage to knit a red hat and finish my Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf. I'm still working on my afghan and several other projects. I hope to finish my husband's clogs this week.

Here is a picture of my cat and the hat. I knitted this in two days it is the same hat pattern as the black hat in the picture on August 6. But I added the fuzzy fur to the brim.

This is my Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf. I also call it my scarf of many colors. I love the way the two totally different colored skeins of yarn look together. Thank you Matt for helping me chose the beautiful colorway.

Last time I left you my husband and I were enjoying our senior moments on the beach. Of course my little yarn stealing faithful companions are by my side.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Hello again.

Monday night was the Franklin knit night. What a great group of people! I have only been knitting with them for a few months and they made me feel like part of the group since day one. Robb and Mat were there with lots of goodies to ooouuu & aaaahhhh over. The temptation was so great I had to bring some home. I can't wait to knit a sweater out of the Indulgence in red.

I've been busy so, not much time to knit and haven't finished any of my previously started projects. However I did start a very easy (mindless knitting) shawl. I love the Charlottes web shawl, but am having some difficulty with it.

My daughter was upset because I didn't mention her in my first blog. (I think she is jealous of my three precious dogs.) So I will tell you about her involvement in the plot to sabotage my knitting. Courtney had a nak for interrupting me with a question in the middle of knit purl knit purl or a row of intense counting and yarn overs. Since my memory isn't what it used to be, that meant it was time for a recount. (I know now how the people in Florida felt). After getting "The Look" she has rephrased the number one daily question from "What are we having for dinner today?" to "Are you cooking dinner today?" Which only requires a head-shake.

Just so I don't step on any more toes I will mention my stepson. He always seems interested in trying to find out what I am making. I think he is the spy of the family and reports his findings back to my husband. In an attempt to figure out if I have more new yarn.

Oh well, in a couple of years my husband and I will be lonely empty nesters. I can just picture us sitting on the beach sharing our senior moments. He will be reading a book and I will be (sorry honey) knitting.

Here's a picture of my finished projects:

Not bad for having just learned to knit a few months ago.
Thursday, July 31, 2003
Hi, my name is Pam and this is my first time at blogging. My addiction to knitting began a few months ago on a cold dark February evening. It was at a knitting class taught by Rob Matyska from Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio.

The very first time I picked up a pair of knitting needles I was hooked. I knitted three dishcloths and started a baby afghan, a felted bag and a felted hat before the four-week class ended.

Unfortunately no one else in my family shared my enthusiasm. In fact lurking around every corner was someone trying to sabotage my knitting.

My dogs that I thought were my faithful loyal companions were even involved in the plot. I recovered several drool soaked balls of yarn from their mouths stolen from my shopping bags.

It gets worse... One day I walked into the living room and saw what once was my almost completed dishcloth lying on the floor. It was reduced to half its size. Coming from the dishcloth was a trail of yarn. It led me down the hall and into the bedroom. On top of the bed were Ava & Heidi the little "partners in crime". They were rolling around and completely tangled in what used to be a ball of yarn and a dishcloth.

In spite of their attempts to stop me from knitting I have been able to complete several projects. I get up very early and knit while every one is sleeping. Except "Fraidy" cat who tries to chew my yarn in half. But usually a bowl of food will keep her busy for a while.

Here is a list of my finished projects:

Three dishcloths
Quickie Felted Hat
Felt Bag from Two Old Bags
Felt Clogs from Fiber Trends
Flelted Flower Tote from the Knit It Magazine (with out the flowers)
Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf
Market Bag
Doll Afghan (started as a baby afghan)

Here is a list of projects I am working on:

Felt Clogs
Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf
Block of the Month Afghan
Charlottes Web Shaw

Well that's all for now, my husbands calling me. If he finds out about the blog the plot will thicken. I'll have pictures soon. ssssshhhhhhh